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Why I became vegan ... 

By Lou de Olivier

Those who follow my artistic career initially and subsequently also known therapeutic always cared much of my appearance ... my hair to blond, sometimes black or red but always well dressed up ... And in recent years have appeared in rare events and even interviews without makeup and literally "disheveled" with similar hair mane of a lion stressed ....

What has changed? My conscience!

Of lacto-egg vegetarian (or Protovegetarian) became strictly VEGAN!

And now explain the change.

My mother always told that even on her belly, I forced her to eat fruits, grains and vegetarian food (vegan at the time the term was not used) as she felt nausea before meat. There was even an episode where she even dreamed of eating certain beans but it was not time, and after a long search, she ended up eating white beans but it was not the same satisfaction that would be to eat beans and I, (coincidence or something more? I was born with a mark similar to a bean and in the abdomen ... and lived with this "brand" until my teens when he was gone.

Unfortunately, once born, I was forced to ingest through meat and follow denying myself to eat at least the fish that I called my relatives and later experienced in the form of sushi, addicting me in salmon ... But the essence spoke up and in-depth studies referred me to vegetarianism ...

My relationship with the red meat was never the best, when I rarely eat red meat, steak or filet chose. Have not like other types of meat. And after an enlightening and controversial class in Behavioral Medicine, also abandoned the meat. I never considered pork as food, chicken I stopped eating for over thirty years and never missed this type of meat. Follow feeding me only with eggs, some dairy products and my tragic fail salmon. Salmon was indeed my passion. Raw, cooked, roasted, pure, accompanied, in sushi, kosher, not kosher ... 

until, at a time when he was hungry and snapping up a large piece of salmon, came to mind the scene of my drowning and awareness:

"Wow, I'm snapping up without pity a being who died feeling the same as I felt in my drowning" .. Yes, that's what the fish feels to die, extreme shortness of breath ... From that moment never ate salmon and even today follow the vegan way and that includes health and beauty products. This explains my spiky hair and lifeless as I have struggled to find a vegan brand resurrect my hair .. And while I find I turn with homemade shampoos and formulas ...

Here comes a finding. There are, at least so far, no dye or product to promote structural change of the hair that does not use any animal or component does not contain harmful components to human health.

Also the vast majority of shampoos, conditioners, soaps and every line of cleanliness and hygiene can contain at least one animal part (embedded in the formula) and worse contains products that can cause serious diseases such as cancer even if the coloring dyes, parabens shampoos and other harmful components to human health. Therefore, there are times I'd rather appear without makeup and with medium hair dry than cause suffering to animals and even put my health at risk ...

Important note: On the one hand veganism leaves my dry hair (for lack of previous chemicals that hooked) my skin has never been hydrated and beautiful without any procedure, or even oil or cream (in this heat or give it to use creams or oils on the skin). Worth changing the power and become vegan, skin improvement, provision and improvement the environment thanks!

Lou keeps, for now only in Portuguese, two website: Ana Vegan with veganism based in science, food suggestions and natural cosmetics and other information, Other website: Solua, the little vegan vampire: with cartoon, theater to watch online (free) and e-books the Little Vegan Vampire Adventures who, besides being a beautiful story teaching veganism to children and adults, have their income donated to help children and abandoned animals and also people with intellectual disabilities.

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