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Learn a little about the philosophical and spiritual trajectory of (Ana)  Lou de Olivier:

In addition to the vast knowledge acquired much academic study and the great experience at the expense of major accidents which had to overcome alone, Olivier Lou always cultivated his spiritual side. n the occasion of the accident was forced to seek help in many religions. On the one hand it was frustrating and painful as passed by more freak rituals without obtaining healing, on the other hand was enriching.

In spiritual level, Lou studied in theory and practice  apometry,  Scientist Christ, Spiritualism, Divinism Christianity (Catholicism, charismatic, Pentecostal, neo-Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian), Eastern philosophies (researched Buddhism, attended the Messianic Church and Seicho-No-Ie), studied the basic, intermediate and advanced Masters Ascenionados. Studied Eastern meditation, attended the three levels of Numerology (basic, intermediate and professional). But it was in Quantum Physics / Quantum Mechanics (Science) who found the answers he needed to complete his quest for spiritual enlightenment.

In 2005 started on a long journey deeper studies in the practice of Quantum Physics. The trip lasted two years, and when he returned to São Paulo in 2007 departed from the studies returning to attend events and awards that occupied his time before invested in studies and spirituality.

After two years away from these studies in 2009, going through a difficult time, was encouraged by a friend to return to one evangelical church, then restarted, for own account, Bible studies. After reading Bible versions of various ages and denominations in Portuguese for about a year, despite its limitation in language because of anoxia, still managed to read the Bible in the versions in English, Italian and French. Then went on to deeply study the Torah and the writings (and culture) Jewish. And today, deepens Kabbalistic studies (which are very similar to Science Quantum Physics can be said that the Quantum Physics came scientifically prove what Kabbalists already announced for millennia) Throughout his spiritual journey, has created phrases, poetry, articles and thoughts lit by the Creator she shares with everyone and that has helped readers leading them to profound reflections.

Lou holds, for now only in Portuguese, the blog: ETHERNAL LIGHT, with articles based on Archaeology, History, Theology, Theosophy, Parapsychology and Metaphysics / Quantum Physics and also creates and publishes reflexive messages, guidance and motivation. Most articles and messages can be read for free on this blog. Only the most controversial articles are reserved only to students of their in-depth courses.

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