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Pioneer in Arts, Education, Cultural Area, Therapeutic Area, Health and  Business too

Lou is doubly pioneer in the artistic area, was the first child to make a professional record (vinyl), with the world, with just three years old. At the time only Rita Pavone (Italy) had recorded five years and held the "record" now overcome by Lou (as the little girl Ana Lourdes was known as) ... She sang the first protest song in 1964 Revolutionin Brazil.

But this was not her only pioneer in this area, fourteen years later, having started studies in the stage area to recover the lost memory because of a anoxia from drowning, Lou was delighted with the new way of using the stage (before it was only dancing and singing) and decided to attend college in the area.

Because of major gaps in memory that still shaken, enrolled in a top choice for Arts Education and second choice for Performing Arts.

She was sure that would not pass on the first option, but had chances of qualifying in the second and thus attend the long awaited area of Performing Arts.

It was a great surprise to see now the first option and also passed the test for the university theater group that was formed to represent the college in competitions and festivals ...

That was how she found herself studying Arts Education, when in fact, his dream was to the theater, but this phase served her as an experience for other ways of arts such as plastic, drawing and painting, in addition to that already dominated, dancing and singing.

When her finishes the course of Arts Education, opted for a BA in Performing Arts and, subsequently, studied music therapy. She was a member of the first class of music therapy at a higher level in this São Paulo College. At the same time the theater group stood out so much with a musical "Francis Brother Sun" which ended up going into semi professional season. Lou played two roles in this production: "Santa Clara" (protagonist) and "Maria Carvalho Idiot", a character created by Lou and integrated the collective creation of GT Martup, name the theater group.

Invited to do business and a novel, Lou needed the DRT, registration required so that we can act professionally in the artistic area. It was such a difficult record to achieve at the time that there was even the "professional extras", people subjected to numerous figurations only to gather evidence of work and enter the registration request.

Lou, found that he had attended a college in the area would not be bound by it, addressed directly to the Ministry of Labour and requested information. He noted that his college was not on the list of recognized courses. Was advised to seek the MEC (Ministry of Education and Culture) and inquire about the status of your college. In Mec the situation was the same, the college was not included as recognized in the stage area, just as music conservatory. For two weeks, Lou ran the SATED (Union of Artists and Technicians Amusement Shows) the MEC and MEC to MT and vice versa without getting anything until he remembered a number that had seen a circular college. He returned to the MEC and almost went crazy the attendant making her down books and more books in dusty Lou looking for the blessed number representing the decree that recognized his college in the stage area.

Three days later, he finally found the page with the decree in two books and there ran into another problem; the books could not get out of the file room to be photocopied. Lou did not think twice to require the attendant to accompany her to the nearest copier, which was two blocks away. After all, if she could not leave with the books, the clerk could, and was an official ...

It is not known if it was out of solidarity or to get rid of Lou, the attendant then accepted the "invitation" and there they were both carrying two huge and dusty books down the streets. All photocopied copies, Lou returned to SATED and MT and left copies and the application for registration of his DRT. A few days later to withdraw his portfolio of work that bore the stamp "Registered Artist" Lou was praised by the employee of MT, he said that if not for the great insistence it would not have been able to prove recognition of their course, not would have its registration as a graduate and, especially, would not be a precursor of this record that until now was only awarded to students ACE / EAD.

From that day, the classmates of Lou, also gave input to their records as graduates artists and even animated said that the college should display a Lou bust at the entrance and not Marcelo Tupinambá who was honored at the bust and the name college.

Lou's pioneering Cultural area:

His pioneering and innovation in the cultural area is mixed to your tireless and selfless participation in philanthropy. And culminated in the opening of Dra.Lou de Olivier Culture House in 2000.

While most spaces and cultural centers are banked by private sponsorship and / or Municipalities, the ECDLO emerged completely independently. The Lou again met his brother, Erasmo, Teachers and some personal friends, all unselfish and willing to donate their time and expertise and, thereafter, started work. Professor Erasmo teaching French, Professor Grace Cauwet taught English, Lou uttered lectures, courses, unpaid therapeutic care through integrated clinical Psicoarte and took care of the general direction of ECDLO. Other teachers have joined the scheme and, therefore, the space provided to the public many courses and activities.

Innovation does not stop there; to participate in courses and activities, there were two forms, pay a nominal fee to value the service, (as it is more than clear that the "free" has no value) or, if the person concerned could not pay for the nominal fee, could contribute work. Ie who wanted to do the language course, could pay a nominal fee or choose to teach something to colleagues, embroidery or stitching, for example. Thus was encouraging participation for all in real citizenship. This pioneering project became known as "I teach, you teach, we learn" and is still happening today in various cultural venues and hundreds in Brazil.

No doubt a much better way to encourage culture and citizenship without demagogy and without any sponsorship.

The idea was so successful that a year later, the Ecdlo celebrated its overall success, so that the event followed excitedly until 22:30 hours, exceeding the estimated time for its completion, at 19:30 hours, with the presence of writers, intellectuals, teachers, students and readers at a time when it was possible to disclose books on release and that undertaken, the official campaign for the preservation of drinking water on the planet, now entitled "Orphans of water" present a small theatrical text English, with students of the basic course, which had only two months of classes and only one test, proving the great effectiveness of the method used by ECDLO in language teaching ... in addition, the event allowed the greater goal was to bring writers and readers, encouraging reading and enriching the public culture, including relying on donations of books in release, assigned by authors from various countries and also by writers and participants at the event ...

Despite the success, unfortunately, in 2002, in failing health and having to go through major surgery, Lou had to depart from the ECDLO for a few months. The other project participants, for being volunteers, were not able to take care of ECDLO full time and this added to the total neglect of the media and the political environment has made the ECDLO closed its doors just when should celebrate the second year. But left the great example of altruism and concern for the community, a simple scheme to put into practice, only relying on the good will of those who really makes a difference.

Lou followed all these years by providing free or at popular prices in two clinics and currently (2013/2014) continues deploying "I teach, You teach, we learn" in several centers and cultural venues in Brazil, with plans abroad too.

Pioneering Olivier Lou in Therapeutic area:

Always ahead of his generation, Lou innovated the concept of their fields, including music therapy and art therapy differentiating of Music and Art used as therapies.

Revolutionary creative method of music therapy with mixed sequence and adapted to each patient, which provided control and cure in cases of stress, depression, insomnia, various disorders and even drug addiction, releasing their patients the use of antidepressants and other medications.

Precursor of multitherapy area, mixing various therapeutic techniques also adapted to each case and successfully used in the treatment of many disorders.

Was the first to entertain the perinatal anoxia as causing learning disabilities addition to the known autism, cerebral palsy and others. After more than twenty years, research in several countries confirmed their thesis.

It was also the first to link the symptoms of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) symptoms caused by drug use. Again international research confirmed this theory.

It was also the first researcher to insist that dyslexia caused no simple exchange of letters and not had a single form or stage. Again it was necessary for international studies confirm this theory many years later.

First to include disorders such as Hyperlexia and Limitrofia as causing disability or significant changes in learning, first quote all the symptoms of the various learning disorders, accounting brilliantly these issues, changing an entire concept for many years.

So many their futuristic theories that we would not have to enumerate them all. His extreme capacity in research, its sensitivity to detect the actual disorder of each patient and adapt his method in each case made to heal many cases hitherto hopeless, attracting patients around the world.

Parallel to this, the versatility of this magnificent work, his extreme ability to create scientific, literary and artistic texts with the same ease to become the author of more than five hundred poems, fourteen dramas, numerous short stories, fables, novels in various genres, as well their controversial and groundbreaking scientific papers known and praised in many countries such as England, Portugal, France, Germany, Switzerland and the United States.

Pioneering Olivier Lou in the Business area:

In 1986, two brothers still very young people decided to be different from most of his colleagues, who thought only of fun, with no plan or intention; Decided to found a company.

At first, opened in one of the garages huge house where they lived, had a desk, a phone, a large plaster panther planted in the said garage door and a social contract that led to his father's permission, because one of the brothers had only 17 year old. That was the only guidance they received when they started career entrepreneurs.

We are talking about (Ana) Lou and his brother Erasmo that in just three years, put the Manhattan Masana in the list of the most successful companies in the country, taking the name of Brazil to one hundred and sixty countries into two divisions:

- Stage and catwalk, directed by Lou;

- Transportation Design, directed by Erasmo.

The division of Design attracted students from all over the world and in a short time, has become the flagship of the company. Widely reported and praised the design not only graduated students in different countries (Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and in more than twenty states of Brazil), but gave the brothers the opportunity to launch a bilingual newspaper, circulating in one hundred and sixty countries, disseminating Brazil in all these countries and then the release of the book of Professor Erasmo, published in 1989 and was intended to be used as a textbook for courses offered by Manhattan Masana Design.

The magazine Gente Motori, Italy, reported in its issue number 10/89, page 28: "to the Amazon jungle studying Design" (referring to the ease that the correspondence course provided students from MM). The magazine Auto & Design, also Italian, in their number of issues 51, 59 and 131, also published notes on. In issue 59, including the MM offered a scholarship to a player of Austria, who would like to study design, but could not afford to pay school tuition in a conventional school, showing the professional environment of the area that could revolutionize the methods teaching design through easy access and very low cost, popularizing knowledge hitherto privilege of an elite.

 The company MM ended winning the prize best brand image in Spain.

The division of Stage and Catwalk, was born with the intention of producing the dramas that Lou was writing at the time, but hampered by the lack of preparation of people candidatavam up to actor positions / dancer (which sometimes were people unable to pay for a good course). From there, the brothers had an idea. As the design was going well and brought a good profit for the company, decided to invest in culture; This division began providing free courses and training in dance, music and theater to low-income people. After the courses and training, were held assemblies shows, which came into season in several theaters and São Paulo salons.

It was a way to encourage people who could not afford to pay for an art class because, in addition to the training they received, after graduation, they could integrate the casts of Manhattan Masana, getting a profession and a source of income.

  Some of the students followed artistic career, teaching and others followed, even those who left the area, at least had a good guidance and direction in their lives. That is, very early, Lou and his brother met brilliantly with their social role without any political or religious bond, just for the pleasure of helping to improve people's lives.

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