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Charity is not to donate what we waste, but know how to share what we are using ... By Lou Olivier

It is family tradition to practice a particular form of philanthropy and detached from political or sponsorships. Nardino Francisco de Oliveira (father) wasa pioneer and donor of the neighborhood of White Sand in Santos City when he was still single; To marry Lourdes Ressuto de Oliveira, came to São Paulo, where he founded what is now known as Vila Marari, Jabaquara Garden and Itacolomi Garden, south of Sao Paulo city - SP, Brazil and since its foundation and implemented improvement services benefiting the community as installation of the first health care center of the region with free care and donation of medicines, homes sold to housing, costing studies, collecting abandoned animals and other benefits to the population. For great service to the population, Nardino had his name mentioned and authorized to name the SQUARE NARDINO FRANCISCO DE OLIVEIRA (Sector 091 - Quadra 596 - AR / JA), located in Jabaquara District, bounded by Avenue Durval Ferreira Pinto and the Frederico Albuquerque street.

This example, early, was followed by the children Ana and Erasmo that continue to the present deploying and managing volunteer services in the region and also in other regions and the Internet giving continuously to environmental/animal activism practiced by the family since early 1940.

Learn a little philanthropy practiced by Lou Olivier (with own resources and without political or religious ties)

Continuing the sixty years of philanthropy exercised by his family and always thinking of altruistic and humanitarian way, since his teens, Lou has always been concerned with the welfare of society and philanthropy practiced teaching ballet, theater and singing to children and adolescents from the outskirts . In the 80s, while maintaining your company Manhattan Masana Artistic Productions and Design, she taught dance and theater for children and periphery of adolescents and, with them, set up several musicals, some were on display for many months and even years, with presentations on Brazil throughout and later abroad with other casts. The most beautiful of this period and attitude was to have taken the streets and the world of drugs many children and youth who are fathers and mothers, living with dignity, thanks to the personal efforts of Lou and his family.

After this great philanthropic work through his Manhattan Masana company after study and deepen in Psychology, Psychoanalysis and other therapeutic areas, in May 2000, Lou opened the ECDLO (Cultural Lou Olivier). In order to rescue the historical memory of the neighborhood where it was located (Garden Itacolumi, Jabalpur Garden and Vila Marari) and had their parents as the main founders, bringing together a collection of photos, documents and objects related to its history, in addition to bringing culture and professional training (free) for the region, and already in its opening, releasing several enlightening campaigns. Among them: "How Much Is a book," Copyright, respect those who write for you (the reader's awareness not to photocopy books), "my house" (preservation campaign of drinking water, now known as Water Orphan), "truths and myths about drugs and learning disorders. "Besides offering courses, many lectures and training all at popular prices and that's where he began to innovation and pioneering also in the cultural area. Following inaugurated the Psicoarte Clinic, which later changed its name Psiconeuroarte and preceded his new multitherapy Clinic, where he set definitively his technique with the same name (multitherapy)


While most spaces and cultural centers are banked by private sponsorship and / or Municipalities, the ECDLO -. Cultural Center Dr. Olivier Lou emerged completely independently. Lou met again his brother, Erasmus Teacher and some personal friends, all unselfish and willing to donate their time and expertise and, thereafter, started work. Professor Erasmus teaching French, Professor Grace Cauwet taught English, Lou uttered lectures, courses, paid therapeutic care through integrated clinical Psicoarte and took care of the general direction of ECDLO.

Other teachers have joined the scheme and, therefore, the space provided to the public many courses and activities. And started the project: I teach, You teach, we learn a real lesson in citizenship since it was implementing the system of "barter student" who knew embroidery could teach in exchange for English lessons, who taught English could learn singing and so on. Who wanted to learn something but had no skills or time to teach could donate non-perishable foods that were donated to the needy. This project continues to this day (2014) and it is possible now also donate food that is passed on to abandoned animals caregivers.

Space, maintained with own resources without any political / religious bond, followed offering training to unemployed, directing them to various placements, training for modeling career, Theatre courses, Course Design Automotive, languages and also tutoring and care therapeutic for Learning Disorders, behavior and drug addiction / alcoholism.

All these activities were offered to the needy public free or at cost price. The whole team of volunteers, some even unemployed, yet offered its best, a proof that altruism and solidarity do not need sponsorship or television commotion to happen.

For reasons of force majeure, the ECDLO activities ended after two years of complete success. But left the great example of altruism and concern for the community, a simple scheme to put into practice, only relying on the good will of those who really makes a difference.

The ECDLO closed but the relentless Lou then opened the Psiconeuroarte Clinic and continued his philanthropy.


In 2003, Lou opened its new clinic, now called, Psiconeuroarte and continued its philanthropic work, set aside a day for free health care to low-income people, always on his own initiative, without any link (or sponsorship) political or religious. The news of the "Free Friday" has spread so much that,

before long, it was necessary to extend free care to more days of the week until he reached the point of approximately 80% of visits are free. This clinic was closed in 2006 because of Dr. Lou no longer own resources to maintain it,

and his commitment to truth in research and publications prevented from accepting sponsorships and donations that would compromise their publications.

Later returned with the CREM, Reference Center and Studies in multitherapy and the CATEEM (Arts and Special Therapies Centre with emphasis on multitherapy). In both continued research and, above all provided affordable courses plus free calls and guidance to the public.

Currently she continues to practice philanthropy at various levels, continues implementing its project "I teach, You teach, we learn" in several cultural venues and centers in Brazil, supports the Life-Tin campaign (led by his brother Erasmus) that helps send animals street and victims of abuse by encouraging the adoption, often holds events and charity shows with proceeds going to various institutions that serve children and the elderly, is always involved in some charitable work, with its own resources, without commotion and offering their best .

Extremely altruistic and humanitarian, Olivier Lou provides free advice to magazines, newspapers, radio and TV stations. Develops continuously, various philanthropic activities, and environmental activist and pet causes. Also acts strongly in defense of people with Learning Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders.

The main social projects today are:

I TEACH, you teach, APRENDEMO US: Ja previously mentioned, project in which all teach and learn by doing barter teachings. Started in 2002 by 2014 still in action.

E-BOOK SOLIDARITY: In this project everyone wins, the player wins because you can purchase e-books with great content at popular prices and, like all the proceeds is donated to philanthropy, many child care NGOs and abandoned animals and support associations people with various disorders come in donations. This is only possible because Lou donated his copyright texts and rolled up his sleeves, alone, edit, disclose and distribute e-books. The first titles are: "Toy allied to learning" (ongoing), "Mystical Trilogy, Wicked, sexy" (short stories, essays and poetry), "Managing Chaos" (self-help, a guide to cope and adjust to stressful life modern) ...

And the biggest innovation is by launching account:

E-book "multitherapy: Welcome to the Future Therapy" text that organizes all the content already published on the method created po Lou Olivier since its inception (1980) to date and reports successful and proven cases. This e-book will integrate the innovative launch Olivier Lou joining good literature with solidarity.

There are two animals the help of NGOs and two associations of patients with disorders that are already listed to receive donations. But others can also apply to donations. These will be distributed according to the volume of sales and the order of registration. Associations and NGOs that are beneficiaries need to collaborate disseminating the project, which will bring more return for the beneficiaries themselves.

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