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Perinatal anoxia (Fetal Distress): seconds deciding a life ...

Olivier Lou article (based on research published in 1997) writted in 2005, published in several printed and electronic newspapers between 2006 and 2011 was later used as the basis for the dossier published by the journal Psyche edition 90. 

Currently the complete research is published by scientific journal and available for reading Amazon ebook. 

In the mid-eighties, when I began to contemplate the subject, I was seen as an unbalanced. About ten years ago, when I chose this topic to research and advocate, I went ridiculed. However, today Neuropsychology cites as the main triggering factor of learning disorders and Psychology also undertakes to accept the thesis ... I'm talking about Perinatal anoxia, which can not only cause various learning disorders but in degree more serious cause limitrophy, autism, cerebral palsy and even death of the newborn. Anoxia is the absence or reduction of oxygen in the brain and can occur by several factors: drowning, hanging, and milder degrees, even in a crisis of rhinitis, bronchitis or any factor resulting in the absence of breathing. In newborns, occurs by factors during delivery and therefore takes the "surname" perinatal. Also known as hypoxia or anoxia neonatal, I believe that the more correct term is even "perinatal anoxia" because it means absence / reduction of brain oxygenation during the birth process. Whatever the name chosen, the important thing is to know its possible causes and try to avoid it to the fullest. First, as the name implies, anoxia occurs during parturition, this means that also counted on the luck factor, for any complications at this time, can generate it. But beyond that, we must identify factors that can complicate the baby expulsion process, making it a very prolonged labor, for example, or impede the normal breathing of the mother and baby. As a result, the expectant mother should beware from the first weeks of pregnancy, giving up addictions (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs in general), seeking a balanced diet, which should include various fruits, fishes like salmon, sardines and vegetables. But here is worth a curiosity: mentioned fishes are considered fat and should be consumed in moderation and as for vegetables, some are identified as triggers of hay fever season, such as chicory and endive. So before you state your "pregnant diet", consult a nutritionist or other professional whose can guide her about it. Although not my personal opinion, I must say that the best mode of parturition remains normal in several versions and positions, according to the patient, environment, etc. To be very quiet, you can do (throughout pregnancy), relaxing techniques, dance, body language and even meditation. These techniques can be passed to pregnant women for good art therapist. Women with diabetes, hypertension, anemia or obese need special monitoring. And all pregnant women, without exception, need to do prenatal care, with regular visits to the doctor (gynecologist / obstetrician), to monitore the whole process of gestation. Following all recommendations, certainly, delivery will have everything to be successful and will be much quieter, if done by the same physician who guided the prenatal.Lou Olivier psycho therapist and Multitherapist 

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Research Ana Lourdes de Oliveira ( Lou de Olivier ) completed and published in 1997 in Brazil and Europe (Portugal / England) in print and digital version. Base for four De Olivier books "The Productive School"  and "Problems Learning in preschool " (1998), "Learning Disorders and Behavior" (2003) and "Behavioral Disorders and Learning Disorders (2012)." It was also published by the Psycho and Life Science Magazine - June 2013 edition number 90
Objective: To check the perinatal anoxia as the cause of dyslexia and other learning disorders.
Method: Research and testing in schools and clinics with children 6 to 8 years using tests ABC and Reprodution lines and analysis of live birth form and design practice tests, reading and writing. 
Results: In a group of ten children, possible victims of perinatal anoxia, seven of them had significant problems in learning and behavior. 

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